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Stay in a camper on the farm with us

The camper holiday offers multiple solutions of destinations, itineraries and places to stop in the camper.

And it is precisely the stop very often, especially in the high point of the summer season and in purely touristy locations, can become really problematic.

If we also consider that in recent years, tourism in campers has increased significantly and that the pandemic that forces social distancing, it becomes clear that: finding rest areas, campsites or even authorized parking lots, which have always available pitches, can turn into a real feat.

So here comes alternative situations like ours. They are characterized by simpler stops, but always available and focused on agricultural and productive realities. Exactly what we at In Camper con Gusto have been offering for some time, with our producers always on the rise and that we suggest you try

by signing up.

A type of stop that can turn into a real holiday with unique experiences.

Stopping in a camper on the farm

It can be a real opportunity for those who love to travel free, move frequently and cross territories to discover food and wine.

Over the years, this type of parking has had enormous success initially abroad, with platforms such as France Passion, in which we are also present, or the German Landvergnùgen.

In the early 2000s in Italy it was Fattore Amico who for several years offered stops in over 500 companies and with which we too were registered.

And since 2015 did you know that we at In Camper Con Gusto are here too?

With France Passion’s “Formule Invitations”, we offer you stops at small production companies that were initially located only in Emilia and which are now also located in other Italian regions.

We are not talking about camping sites that can offer some simple basic services for stopping or staying, but about real stops, grant us the term, “free” within companies.

The camping site usually in its proposal, offers electricity connections, some showers, toilets, sometimes a sink for dishes and a cockpit for loading / unloading. In addition to the possibility of a stop that can go beyond 24 hours.

Stop in a camper on the farm with In Camper con Gusto

stop among the olive trees

The type of parking that we offer you by purchasing our card, offers the possibility of staying 1 night almost always free of charge, within a farm, dairy or winery.

We offer you a simple stop, without any type of additional service, other than the tranquility of being inside a private property.

The purpose is to let you know that you travel by camper, a reality that could hardly have access to the normal tourist circuits offered by Tour Operators or others, and to give you the opportunity to taste, with small amounts, the company’s products and if you want. shop directly on site.

A sort of zero-kilometer market, where it is the camper that goes directly to the area to meet the manufacturer and decide to buy.

The proposal according to us and according to those who have already registered in recent years, offers significant advantages and we invite you to read some of them in our article.

5 reasons to choose a stop at the farm

In our opinion it is an excellent opportunity to make a more real slower tourism, in contact with the territory we are crossing.

Stopping at a producer gives us the chance to get to know the surrounding area better; indeed, companies often leave to discover small places and gems that we could otherwise have visited.

For us this practice is a holiday within a holiday. We often lose dimension over time while we are visiting the company, discovering treasures and craft practices that we probably had forgotten or didn’t know at all.


Obviously the card we offer is our guarantee that the manufacturer is part of this circuit. We in person and with him have verified the possibility of accessing vehicles the size of a camper and the activities that can be done in the company or in the surroundings of it.

To those who subscribe we offer:

  • the opportunity to stop for the night, visit the company with the owner, and, if desired, have a tasting at an agreed price.
  • A series of other conventions in the area, or stops for tasting only (our taste stops) and other kinds.
  • Numerous conventions both for parking in campsites and more at national and foreign level
    We are convinced that in a period where the desire for clean air and freedom is more than ever necessary and sought after by all of us, a stop in the company even for a couple of friends’ campers, is not an alternative solution, but also a regenerating option to spend a weekend.


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