Butteri Social Dairy

Address: Strada Provinciale 109, n. 193 Salsomaggiore Terme 43039 (PR)

The Butteri Dairy is in Case Passeri, a small agricultural town in the hills of the Stirone Valley, near Salsomaggiore Terme. It started work in the 1960s, drawing on decades of family experience in working the fields. The dairy breeds its own cows, works the fields and produces various dairy products, including genuine Parmigiano Reggiano, made via traditional methods. The shop also sells other regional products, such as cold cuts, jams, honey and oil.

Camper services

You can park your camper in the grounds, and use the water and electicity facilities.

What you can do

  • enjoy a guided tour for up to 30 people

  • enjoy tasting sessions of regional products

  • buy our classic regional foods

  • disabled access to the facility


Phone (0039) 0524.570722 or Mobile 347.7159355 or visit the official Website

Producers’ information sheet: Caseificio Butteri


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