Pietra di Bismantova Reggio Emilia

Bismantova Stone in camper

You know when the desire to leave, to unplug the plug takes you and you need relaxing colors; a tour in a camper is the one for you.

This kind of need, due to the race in which we constantly find ourselves forced, affects everyone a little; so what is better than leaving for a destination that offers the opportunity to recharge in all seasons of the year.

On this tour the Bismantova Stone by camper you can find colors, panoramas, activities and of course flavors that meet all the needs of the traveler in every season.

Our camper tour

Taking the Autostrada del Sole and exiting at the Reggio Emilia toll booth, we accompany you on the SS63 del Cerreto, following the signs that from the A1 toll booth go towards the ring road towards Rivalta.

Here you can make a short stop to visit the park of the splendid Royal Palace of Rivalta, unfortunately closed and undergoing architectural recovery. Continuing the tour by camper on the state road, you will see the first hills of Reggio Emilia, cultivated with vineyards from which the excellent Lambrusco Reggiani are produced, or the Spergola and the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia. There are several wineries in the area that you can decide to visit; that’s why we recommend you take a look at our Reggio Emilia Manufacturers section.

Another stop along the way of this tour, can be in Vezzano sul Crostolo where the Ecoparco di Vezzano is located; in the parking area there is also an area for campers. At the Ecoparco di Vezzano, especially if you travel with children, there are several activities you can do. Fauna, flora, educational farm and trails are some of the proposals to spend a fun day.

Castelnovo Monti - In camper Pietra di Bismantova
Castelnovo Monti – In camper Pietra di Bismantova

Famous places for festivals

Continuing along the SS63, we meet other well-known towns in Emilia for the summer and autumn festivals that attract numerous local and non-local tourists in every season.

Places such as Casina for the mountain Parmigiano Reggiano festival held in early August, and where you can stop to visit Sarzano Castle. Or Marola that every October for 3 Sunday offers the Marola chestnut festival and where to stop for the flavors and to discover the metato. Carpineti another very active village where a typical Reggio dish is celebrated: the Scarpazzone.

In this regard, you may be interested 5 Reggio Emilia dishes to enjoy with friends

But here the valley s widens and in the distance you can see between the peaks a well-defined shape, unique so to speak.

As we approach Castelnuovo ne ’Monti, the capital of this part of Reggio Emilia and the reference center for the productive and social activities of the Apennines, we talk to you about her

The Bismantova stone

A sacred mountain, one of the best-known symbols of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and which binds the inhabitants of this area in an almost magnetic way. In Castelnuovo ne ‘Monti there is the saying “Al mal d’la Pedra” (the evil of the Stone) to indicate the nostalgia that the population had for this place and for the effigy of the Madonna del Latte placed in the sanctuary at the base of its slopes .

The stone is a limestone rock that has a height of 1047 meters. and is characterized by high and vertical rock walls. From the top, the gaze rests on oak woods, pastures, hedges, prairies dominated by juniper shrubs. In the distance appears the Secchia valley and the highest peaks of this part of the Apennines.

We obviously recommend a stop and if possible we invite you to climb to the top to enjoy the view and relax in the meadows of the summit, and also to have a picnic. A walk of about 30 ‘in a fairly quiet path except for the last very steep and stepped section.

By the way did you see our short movie from the Stone?

Slack Bismantova
Slackliner credits juzaphoto.com

What to do at the Bismantova Stone?

If you are a sportsman this camper tour is right for you; here you will find how to spend your energy:

  • Climbing and mountaineering among all: there are several sectors for sport climbing that offer more or less long routes
  • There is also a via ferrata that reaches the top of the plateau through the most suggestive places
  • Slacklines have been stopping here for a few years now, with a national event.
  • For those who love hiking or MTB, there are various paths that go up to the summit from the surrounding villages.
  • There is also a trail running race for trained runners.

Among the best known tracks we mention “Al gir d’la Preda”, despite being on a 16 km road ring, it allows you to see the Stone in all angles and that starting from the capital touches 6 other hamlets. This is a ring highly appreciated by runners and sportsmen in general.

Where to stop and where to eat

In Castelnuovo Monti there is a parking area in Via Partigiani, near the center. There is also a paid parking in Piazzale Dante at the base of the Pietra di Bismantova; but it is only available during the week. In fact, a free shuttle has been set up this year which on public holidays leaves from Piazzale Vittoria di Roncoffia and leads to the Piazzale Dante parking area, to manage the large influx of tourists.

If instead you want to find a stop where you can also eat, we took us with the camper to the Ginepreto just under the Stone. We parked the camper next to the parish church and with a walk of about a couple of kilometers on a slope, we arrive at Piazzale Dante. Ideal for those who love MTB

At Ginepreto, which also offers hospitality in the rooms, you can stop to taste the tasty dishes of the Reggio tradition and enjoy the view of the Pietra and the Secchia valley.

Appennino reggiano
Appennino reggiano

The camper tour beyond the Stone

From Castelnuovo ne ’Monti you can certainly go further; indeed we recommend it. We are in a very varied Apennine area, which offers numerous destinations and excursions.

From the stone to the regional border

Passing from Cervarezza, Busana, Collagna you arrive at the Passo del Cerreto; we are on the regional border between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany and the panorama is surrounded by some of the highest peaks. Beech woods, conifers that rise to the peaks and give way to grasslands and Rock Like Monte la Nuda which overlooks the station of Cerreto Laghi.

Just Cerreto Laghi among all the resorts offers sports activities all year round: a ski resort in winter with 20 slopes in the summer is distinguished by trekking on foot and on horseback and MTB.

A special event that takes place every year in Cerreto Laghi in the Palaghiaccio is the team “Mushroom World Championship” which attracts competitors from all over the world and fans of porcini mushrooms.

From Castelnuovo to Secchia and beyond

Another itinerary to continue our tour is the one that from the Pietra di Bismantova descends towards the secchia and the Giass Triassici, along the SP108. We arrive at the Fonti di Poiano which we told you about in our itinerary

Itinerary in Febbio by camper: discovering the Reggiano Apennines

The stop is free in the parking lot along the Secchia in front of the Sources and you can dine at the Porta del Parco restaurant with traditional Emilian dishes.

Returning to Reggio from here is simple: take the SP9 which crosses the bucket in the direction of Felina where you then cross the SS63.



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