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Autumn in a camper in Italy with our taste destinations

Autumn in a camper in Italy gives you a season dominated by colors and flavors. Warm shades ranging from yellow to orange, rust to vibrant red and bronze. And at the same time it is the season of explosion of food and wine products and events that celebrate them.

You will have already understood that our autumn in a camper in Italy tells you about destinations that we invite you to enjoy in our personal Italian journey

So grab your diary and let’s go!

Grapes and their processing 

trip in a camper in Italy
landscape of Barolo

The grapes have already been harvested and the must ferments on the yeasts and waits.

In the cellar the wines dedicated to aging are poured into cask and barrique and the analyzes are carried out.

In the vineyard, on the other hand, after the leaves have fallen, the young plants are tied together with the weeding and cleaning of the soil.

Throughout the month of November you can visit the wineries that offer tastings and themed days.

On our site among our producers where you can stop with our card, you can find ideas and also in our article

10 wineries where to stop in a camper

you will find suggestions for stops in wineries where you can make interesting tastings.

If you love to discover autumn to be enjoyed in a camper among wineries, also put on the calendar in Piacenza from 26 to 28 November FIVI Vignaioli Fivi wine market.

While in December you can take advantage of Open Cellars at Christmas thanks to the Wine Tourism Movement. Find information here.


In Trentino, where the famous Trentino artisan grappa is prepared, there is a small village where five family-run artisan distillery workshops operate. Here a tradition is handed down. 

We are talking about Santa Massenza which lives the culture and tradition of the production of Trentino artisan grappa. We suggest autumn in a camper in Italy here, as a destination to taste. In the period of the Immaculate Conception there is, ” the night of stillson”. You can find any info here. Parking is allowed in the parking lot of the hydroelectric plant at the end of the village on the lake.

The woods and the chestnut and …

enjoy in a camper in Italy

If the first autumn fruit in the woods is mushrooms and the consequent festivals dedicated to him, the chestnut accompanies us throughout the autumn with the colors of the woods and the typical foliage of the period.

The ideal opportunity to go out for a weekend and combine the harvest of this fruit, where possible, with an excursion on foot and a nice stop perhaps in a good restaurant, where you can taste traditional dishes.

In Emilia in the five municipalities of the upper Val Taro (PR) you can organize your weekend with excursions into the numerous paths marked by the CAI, to the Regional Nature Reserves. And After stop in one of the many traditional restaurants such as in Montevaccà (PR), or go up in Monte Molinatico in the small but very famous refuge and enjoy both excellent dishes based on the delicious Porcini Mushroom, the only Italian PGI.

If you are looking for a stopover for the night, here it will be Tarolli area that will welcome you to the fullest.

And surely in these municipalities you will also find tagliatelle with chestnut flour and castagnaccio, perhaps cooked on the texts, as per the local Apennine tradition.

If you go to Tuscany we recommend the village of Montieri (Gr) immersed in the chestnut groves, where the chestnut festival is staged at the end of October.

Throughout the autumn, on the other hand, you can taste the chestnut flavors at the Il Baccanale tavern, parking your camper in the town square.

In Vallerano in the province of Viterbo, an autumn trip in Italy in camper takes you to meet the Vallerano PDO chestnut which was kept here in numerous tuff caves, but also radicci, small buildings in the woods, used for drying. You can enjoy it at the La Cantina degli Amici della Castagna  right in the center of the town.

Autumn in a camper in Italy with truffles

Italy in a camper taste destinations
Truffle Alba Exibition

Another Italian excellence is the highly prized white truffle which in Alba has its main festival with the famous world auction at the castle of Grinzane Cavour.

Here you can certainly combine the wonderful panorama of the Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the excellent world-class wines produced here. In the autumn in a camper in Italy you will taste dish of tajarin with white truffles from Alba, in the numerous restaurants and farmhouses in this area.

But also the white truffle of the Crete Senesi that grows in this magnificent landscape has its main festival in November in San Giovanni d’Asso, a few kilometers from Brunello, home of the famous wine. Market exhibition with tastings, various activities including trekking in the Crete.

Here is another fantastic opportunity to combine some days in a camper, perhaps taking advantage of the train of the Crete Senesi to fully enjoy this season.

In San Giovanni d’Asso, parking is allowed in the parking lot of the petrol station in SP Traversa dei Monti.

About precious black truffles  in the autumn in Italy in a camper you can go to Acqualagna in the Marche region. Here you can taste this precious fruit of the earth in the fair dedicated to him.

From 23 October to 13 November an event that offers a rich program of excursions, sensory activities dedicated to truffles, show cooking and much more. Camper parking is allowed in 2 areas: P2 in Rossini street; P3 in Kennedy street, slightly further from the fair.

Olives and new oil

Autumn in a camper taste destinations
spot park in a olives

Even the olives that in October fill the mills with the limpid green of new oils, have their feast on their calendar in this period. 

So what better occasion to organize a weekend and do a series of tastings?

For twenty years there has been the month of new oil in Imperia, one of the most important Ligurian food events. 

In Chieti, on the other hand, you can meet autumn in a camper in Italy to be enjoyed by going to Frisa. In this municipality of the province, from 11 to 13 November you can wander among the stalls and visit different oil mills in the area where you can enjoy tastings throughout the month of November.


By the way, have you ever had an EVO oil tasting?

It is a particular and very funny exercise that Angela has done a few times in Puglia, in the Marche in San Severino Marche and also in our Emilia.

A glass of oil is placed in the mouth, sipped lightly but instead of swallowing immediately, it sucks between the teeth and palate. It is in this oxygenation that the intense flavor is dedicated to the oil with its aroma is released and delights us.


One of the festivals that celebrates oil and new wine is in November in Vignanello (Vt).

Two central November weekends organized with various activities including guided tours, tastings and itineraries in search of the pleasures of taste.

In Vignanello a special welcome is also organized by the local Pro Loco with a camper meeting.  We have already told you about during our tour in the Tuscia Viterbese here . The information can be found directly on their site at this link.


Autumn in a camper in Italy to taste celebrates with the butchery

Autumn in a camper taste destinaton
November Porc exibition

If September is dedicated to the harvest, October normally to the harvest of chestnuts and olives. And in November the art of butchery finds its maximum expression. 

In the peasant tradition, pigs that were fattened all year round In families, in November they were slaughtered for sausages, hams and dogs with a precious flavor.

Throughout the month of November in the Parma area, the “marathon of taste” as November Porc. For four weekends dedicates this important event to the butchery that has been full of campers for 20 years now. 

So we invite you to check the calendar of this holiday and get ready for autumn to be enjoyed in a camper at one of the four stops.

 As pork is celebrated in the Bassa Parmense, so in the Cuneo area in Carrù  the fat ox is the protagonist of the table . On the weekend of December 12, the Gran Galà del bollito is the festival of the fat ox. A peasant tradition that has been going on for over 100 years.

Also mark on the calendar the feast of the fat ox of Moncalvo Asti from 4 to 11 December.

And if you are a lover of zampone-based dishes, visit Modena. In the central Piazza Roma from 9 to 11 December the stoves are heated for the eleventh edition of the Zampone and Cotechino Modena PGI Festival. 

Three days will be centered on the traditional and famous national cooking competition, with many initiatives also for the general public.


The Torrone of Cremona

This autumn trip to be enjoyed in a camper in Italy can only end with something sweet and then we take you to Cremona which is not just violins and mustard music!

From November 12 to 20, nougat is the king of sweets and tradition.

We have already told you about our meeting with a family of artisan producers.  So if you want to know them too, your trip will have as its destination, for an autumn in a camper in Italy to taste Vescovado. Beaucose here you can meet and get to know the Rivoltini Sisters.

From them you will discover a passion born almost by chance from their father. As a result has led three sisters to be a splendid reality of artisanal production: They  will open the doors of your home and welcome you as you do with a friend.



The journey in the autumn in a camper in Italy to the destinations to be enjoyed could continue indefinitely.

But we are fortunate to have our traveling homes and our and your passion for the road. 

So we can organize ourselves to meet other excellences and other events that celebrate them.

As we often say, this is “the beauty and the good of a trip in a camper”.




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