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Apps for parking in Europe in a camper

If your next holiday will be in Europe, then perhaps you will find our advice on Apps useful for parking in Europe by camper.


As far as stops in Italy are concerned, we have already given you some suggestions in our article:

Planning a trip by camper

which to tell the truth is also useful for planning our trips abroad. But here we focus on some apps that offer stops of various kinds:

  • spots
  •  parking lots
  •  rest areas
  •  campsites and…..
  •  agricultural stops our passion

app fot camper stop

App for parking in Europe in a camper

  • Camping Car Park

For the €5 course, you will be sent a card that is valid forever and will give you access to rest areas and service areas accessible seven days a week 24 hours a day on French territory. It also proposes itineraries and associates local commercial and craft activities that can be useful around the rest area.

how does it work

Buy purchasing the card you will then have to activate it by reloading it and thus use it to pay directly for your parking. You have the option of three types of guide to find the most convenient parking areas for you: the paper one, the online interactive map, which allows you to plan your itinerary in advance, and the application that you can also use to top up your card.


  • From Secrets

This app is created on a worldwide level, with data from the community that offers you with its suggestions:

– wild spots, that is, as they write, all those unofficial places to stop.

– Free stops, i.e. authorized places where free parking is permitted.

– Paid parking

– Toilets along the way where you can take a shower.

– Not yet very complete, it remains an interesting proposal to follow.


  • Park4Night

Perhaps the circuit among the most famous and pioneers of the rest. In their app you can find from simple free spots in unknown places to camper and camping areas. Constantly updated, also thanks to the indications and comments of the users, it is a real community. It exists in free and paid version which offers additional features for €9.90 per year. And now you can even install it on your GPS.

app for camper stop
Working in a camper stop’s area

Advice on Apps for parking in Europe in a camper

We continue our list of apps that we suggest for staying in Europe in a camper with a very interesting app.

We are talking about:

  •   Campy App

In just one app you will find 38,000 places to stop. Born in 2017, it covers 28 European countries plus Morocco for lovers of North Africa, with complete information on free parking, in authorized parking lots for overnight parking, rest areas and campsites. Without forgetting some places where you can load and unload.

And the free version already offers so much!

In the paid version you can also download maps offline, very convenient if you are traveling and find a poor connection, as well as use the choice of navigator that is most suitable for you to reach your stop.

Find all the info to learn more Who


  • Camper Stop

30 European countries and 12,500 rest areas that you can view and save in an offline downloadable map in the paid version. Useful for planning the trip you can also find images as well as detailed information and comments.

how does it work

The free version is valid for 7 days, after which you can use it for €6.99 a year.

Alternatively, you can use the app to park in Europe in a camper for free once you have purchased the paper guide “Guida Camper Europa” with which it is combined.

app for camper stop


  • Camping card ACSI

It is part of the products of the ACSI circuit, a campsite specialist in Europe since 1965. It has a database of over 3,000 campsites where the card is accepted, with 9,000 pitches where you can sleep at night at lower rates than the structure’s price list in the low season, also saving up to 60%.

how does it work

It can be downloaded at a cost of €3.59 a year and there is also a paper version at a cost of €21.95 including the card and the App, which can be used on three devices at the same time. You can find any information Who.


Other Apps for parking in Europe in a camper

A different and new application, with just a thousand downloads for camper parking in Italy and Europe is:

Camper Gourmet.

Designed to put restaurateurs and campers in contact, it offers a European list of restaurants ready to welcome campers into their premises free of charge. Reception, however, is subject to possession of the card.

how does it work

In the paid version for €3.00 per year, it offers you a list of restaurants where, while enjoying dinner or other services, you can stay the night for free with or without additional services.


France Passion

The historic French platform for agricultural parking has for a couple of years created the app with which to find the stopover at farms, wineries and artisans. At the cost of €33.00 you will receive the historical guide in paper or in pdf format plus the application for Ios or Android.

We are fond of France Passion because In Camper con Gusto and the Association are born from this very idea of ​​a stopover that Angela prefers when she travels.

And if you too want to be part of it, with our card you will be able to access a small world made up of farms, cellars and more, where you can stop for the night in peace and in contact with Italian excellence.

We therefore invite you to deepen our knowledge by reading

Stop by camper on the farm with us


Let’s close with one last utility app: if you have problems leveling your vehicle, use Camper Leveler which will help you, playing, when your house is perfectly horizontal.

A good idea don’t you think?


The list certainly does not end here, but we believe we have provided you with a good overview of the world of Apps for stopping in Europe in a camper.

And if you use or know others, you know that we will be happy to include them in a future article on the subject.

Then write us your suggestions!



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