casa museo antonio ligabue

Antonio Ligabue Museum: advice for visitors

The Antonio Ligabue Museum is at 27 via Giardino in Gualtieri and is widely considered the perfect destination for lovers of the work of this famous artist. In fact, the Museum is in one of the houses in Gualtieri where the famous painter, born in Zurich, lived and worked for a few years.

He used his pictures to express the feelings and sensations that he could not describe with words, that came out malformed in a mix of Swiss-German and Padana dialect. He did not need models for his work, using his uncommon mental capacities instead: he memorised everything that he saw, allowing him to recreate and evoke any scene as needed. His childhood memories, episodes from his life, the panorama he had seen, film images, postcards, books, they all equally assumed a definite and tangible form in his mind, and became part of his iconographic body of work.

The museum is closed on Thursdays, but for more information on opening hours, please visit its website.


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