Aljano Winery

The Aljano Winery, located in via Figno in Scandiano, is in the middle of the gentle Reggiane hills: wine production here is a centuries-old art. The hills of the Winery gives its products an exceptional complexity of aromas, which in turn means a wide range of wines. The tasting room on the ground floor is made of two connected rooms that can host dozens of people. Another larger characteristic room is available to expand the tasting room, and so can be used for weddings, baptisms and other events.

Camper services

If you book in advance (calling Stefano Oleari on 348/3810893), you can park your camper in the grounds, but there is no water/electicity facilities.

What you can do

Free guided visits are available for groups or 5-30 people, following by tasting sessions (10 euro a head). English is available in the tours. Our members get a 10% discount on 12 bottles of wine, of any type. For more information or bookings, pleas visit the winery’s website.

Producers’ information sheet: Tenuta di Aljano


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