Agriappennino farm

Located in Via della Piana 3/5/7 at Cecciola di Ventasso, in the province of Reggio Emilia, the Agriappennino farm is in the heart of the high Enza valley, and the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines National Park. Here nature and culture are brought together in perfect harmony in an ancient little town. Apart from the edible chestnuts produced around the town of Cecciola, the farm has other areas of cultivation across the Reggio Appennines including berries at Marola di Carpineti, and wheat at Castelnovo ne’ Monti. This gives the company its name “Agriappenino”, a reference to the fact that it produces high quality agricultural products across the whole Appennines, getting the best out of the various climates that the mountain range offers.

The chestnut farm is in a beautiful natural setting alongside the Liocca river, near an old water-powered mill. This recently reconstructed rural village allows you to enjoy the beauty of the countryside and purchase its classic regional products.

Camper services

Campers cannot park in the grounds, but if you book via Marco Sepe (333/9525497) in advance, you can park in the nearby public carpark. Water and electricity facilities are not available.

What you can do

The best reason to visit is to walk in the woods: during October, (at 10 euro a head) you can enjoy the chestnut gathering days. Lunch is available on request, and you can agree the menu and the price in advance. Free guided tours are available for 2-40 people, or you can enjoy tasing sessions (10 euro a head), all also available in English.

For more information or bookings, please visit the farm’s Website.

Producers’ information sheet: Azienda Agricola Agriappennino


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