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Hi there! We are Angela and Monica, founders of In Camper con Gusto, and in this section, we would like to explain who we are and what we can do for people like you, people who share our passion for travelling in the open-air, people who cannot go on holiday without the camper!


My name is Angela, and together with my husband I have been a camper enthusiast since 1998, along with our various four-legged friends who lovingly shared our camper holidays with us. We always tried to avoid the village-format holiday, and even when we did not own a camper, we always preferred to spend our holidays going from place to place, renting rooms or apartments, so that we could enjoy more freedom. Then we started to understand that our desire to travel, to see, to come into direct contact with the lands we were visiting and the sense of freedom that we sought needed to go a stage further, so we decided to rent a camper for a long weekend….. and it was love at first sight!

Now after 20 years and many different campers, we have been on many different trips; I have come to understand that certain aspects of the travelling life have become ever more important for us, and I think also for you as camper enthusiasts. Above all, it is vital to have the certainty that you will find a safe and secure site for your camper, and with this I am thinking of the fact that too often we find roadsigns indicating possible rest areas that in fact no longer exist, or in town areas that suddenly have become less safe. Beyond this, we are also always looking for locations that allow us to enjoy genuine local traditions, and not areas that have been cobbled together artificialy to attract hordes of tourists.

And so here we are with IN CAMPER CON GUSTO, we will be pleased to welcome you to our region, offering you guaranteed rest-sites, visits and meetings where you can learn about, or improve your understanding of, Emilia, a part of Italy that I think deserves a trip to savour!


I am Monica and even if I am not a camper enthusiast, I know well the world of the travelling life, which I love, because I always spent my family holidays – from when I was small to my teenage years – in a camper. Whether it was to the riviera in Romagna, or the Tuscan sea-board, as soon as the school holidays began, my parents hooked the camper up to the family car, and off we went!

Preparing our bags, cleaning the tent, preparing food for the journey, and finally departure: this ritual always made me happy, and I will never forget the beautiful feelings that this trip of holiday inspired in me, above all the sense of freedom.

As I grew up, my focus changes, and I started to holiday by motorbike with my husband, serving as his “ballast”. It was on one trip for work that, 15 years ago, I met Angela: we shared a lot of time together in an office, between the office files we discussed our secrets and obviously our holidays memories. She was a camper enthusiast, I was a biker with a camper past, when we left work, we would day-dream about what we could do with all those journeys and the time spent.

The turning point came nearly four years, when we decided to put together our passion for travel with our love of campers, by creating a platform to promote the best of our region, Emilia, so that other people could come to know and love it as we do.

So having started as a teenager always in and out of a camper, I moved to jumping into the motorbike saddle and now here I am again getting in and out of the camper! But the concept has not changed: my love of travel, the desire to discover, to find new things has not changed whether it is in a camper or on a motorbike: the vital thing is to never lose your enthusiasm!


Before explaining in detail what we can do for you, we would like to briefly explain how the In Camper con Gusto was born.

The regions of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia have an enormous tourist potential, for historical, cultural, gastronomic, naturalist and human reasons. They are famous for the excellence of the cuisine, but few people now know their traditions in any detail. So our Association aims to promote Emilian authenticity, offering the travelling visitor ideas that they take up in the liberty of the road, and always in direct contact with the reality of our region. We want to create events and meetings that allow those who love to travel to discover our region, and so enter into the world of our home-made traditions, above all those related to food, which we want to preserve and promote.

And so to what we can do for you.

  • Advice and suggestions for new tourist itineraries in Emilia

  • creation of personalised tours that meet your specific needs

  • free access to a detailed database of safe and secure camper rest-sites.

  • Free access to a catalogue of unmissable events and festivals across Emilia (which we choose on the basis of their quality to offer you an unforgettable experience).

  • Conventions and meetings for our members, regarding food producers, camp-sites, tourist guides, museums and all other types of attractions across Emilia.

As an Association, therefore we offer all our fellow camper enthusiasts the opporunity to join us and become part of the In Camper con Gusto network, and so enjoy a wide series of benefits! If you are interested in joining us, please download, complete and email us the relevant forms!

Alternatively, you can check our Statute here

So get into gear, we are waiting for you!

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