Lago Pranda Cerreto Laghi

A weekend in Cerreto Laghi by camper

If like us you are often looking for a destination that is relaxing and at the same time offers tasty food and wine ideas, follow us with this proposal which contains both characteristics: a weekend in Cerreto Laghi by camper.

A weekend in Cerreto Laghi by camper

This time we suggest one of the most beautiful areas of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in the province of Reggio Emilia at the crossroads between the regions of Emilia Romagna, Liguria and Tuscany.

In every season, Cerreto Lakes it is fabulous to appreciate, spring and autumn, for passionate photographers with the colors of the seasons. In winter with skis or snowshoes and in summer with excursions on foot, mountain bikes and on horseback along the numerous routes traced by the CAI or the sweet rest in the cool.

There are 4 lakes of glacial origin in this area (hence the name). And two of these, the Lago Pranda and the Cerretano Lake they are certainly the most fascinating and also offer the possibility of stopping for a tasty break. The other two are the smaller ones, the lakes Gore It is Dark.

Lake Pranda


The restourant to Lago Pranda

You can reach the lake from the provincial road, which is approximately 1.4 km away. on foot, by scooter or by MTB (in a camper it is not allowed); and you can bring with you everything you need to have fabulous barbecues. In fact, around the lake you will find around ten barbecue spots with tables and benches. Alternatively you can have lunch at the Ristorantino del Lago, with cured meats and cheeses as starters, polenta dishes seasoned in any way and second courses of meat, deer or wild boar.

You are completely immersed in the beech forests of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines at around 1,400 m. above sea level, and in summer shade and coolness are guaranteed.

So our suggestion is to take a nice walk along the paths, or fish in the lake and have lunch; then look for a nice shade (after all, after so much effort we know that it is good to rest) and in the shade of the beech trees, take a nap. Later the tour of the lake through a simple and fascinating excursion will conclude a splendid day.

Remember: we remind you that parking for scooters is paid, while it is free if you have lunch at the restaurant, the proof is an entrance ticket that they issue at the beginning of the avenue.

Lake Cerretano

The second large lake is right in the center of Cerreto Lakes  at the foot of the ski lifts and the downhill slope. The tour around the lake and having lunch in the adjacent rooms were very pleasant. (Typical local dishes, such as polenta and mushrooms or fresh pasta, such as lasagne and tagliatelle are always highly recommended.).

Being in the center of the inhabited village it is obviously much more chaotic than the other lakes, but it also offers equipped shops and various activities also for children. Think in this mountain corner which is very reminiscent of Alpine villages there is also an ice rink, where numerous events are offered throughout the year. Like the world mushroom picking championship. If you are passionate about excursions from Lake Cerretano you can take various paths that go up to the ridge and the views of the peaks of Tuscany.  

Where to park your camper or caravan?

A great idea is al Camping RioBianco, from where you can also get there on foot, taking a nice walk, both to Lake Pranda and along the Cerreto lakefront.

Alternatively, there are two parking options, in the Piazzale del Lago car park behind Bar Nico, or, and perhaps this is the most popular one, under the ski lifts which offers a view of the lake and the entire village. Obviously our suggestion is to arrive in summer on a Friday in the late afternoon, when you can still find a seat and enjoy the peace of the lake.

What to do nearby?

Pietra di Bismantova
Bismantova stone

We also want to give you some other ideas to then move around and appreciate this fascinating strip of territory: the Bismantova Stone.

Our personal experience

Knowing us, you certainly know that we tell it and recommend it to you because we have already been there .In summer we really appreciated Lake Pranda, more characteristic and surrounded by nature. We were looking for a place where we could relax, away from the confusion and in the fresh air.  So from the Camping we saw that you can get there on foot (we repeat, it is a fairly long walk, but doable ).

Lunch at the small restaurant, and then, bringing you a blanket, relaxing under the beech trees. We guarantee that it will be the ideal weekend to completely unplug.

The Cerreto lakes are located in a very spartan, simple and absolutely ideal environment for those who love open spaces. Also suitable for families with children: they can run free, but always adequately supervised. Lake Pranda has no protection and dangers are always around the corner. So good but be careful.

If instead you choose to spend a weekend in winter, well in the winter season Cerreto Laghi is an ideal destination. For cross-country skiing enthusiasts thanks to the special 6 km long track that runs along the lake. It’s connected by the Tornello ski lift to Lake Cerretano, from which the ski lifts leave for the beautiful downhill slope.



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