Il giardino Segreto a Grazzano Visconti

A princess’ camper diar

We would like to tell you about the diary of a camper trip of a princess, made by a dear fellow young camper, in a weekend in Emilia. We met her this spring at a rally, and we were struck by her simplicity and light manner, typical of young girls. But she was also attentive and curious, as any girl discovering the world as she goes should be, alongside her mother.

We want to share it with you because we particularly like the simple style of narration, that recount the trip and the colours she saw, that reminded us a little of our own childhood games together with other children and the fun we had. We leave you to her account:


I am called A., I am nearly nine and I am a friend of “In Camper con Gusto”. This is my trip diary for voyage n.20, on 29-30 September 2018.

My mother proposed this trip, to give me an experience that would “fill my eyes”, as she always says: and I want to share it with you today.

We left Parma for Grazzano Visconti, in the province of Piacenza, for lunchtime; we entered the grassed carpark, and we played baseball. There were few cars so we had plenty of space to do so. After a tour of the town, where the houses are all beautiful and cared-for, and where my mother stood breath-taken in front of each garden, we moved onto Gropparello, a magic spell-binding castle where I would like to live forever even if it also very scary.

We only found the rest-area after taking the wrong road three times, but in the end, we found ourselves on a beautiful terrace with a splendid view, alongside other campers with children on board, so it was time to play! We drove for ten minutes to reach the castle, all on a very steep slope but which is lit even at night. The return journey was very hard, a genuine struggle!

We had dinner by candle-light in the castle restaurant, all red, beautiful, full of flowers, and I ate everything because it was all very good. And so, my mother rewarded me with a night-time trip to the castle, with the garden lit by torches, and the owner who let us into his house to show us the rooms, one by one. When we reached the music room, me and my friend Alessia got scared, however, because he started to tell us ghost stories, real ones, about ghosts who have been seen for many years by the Milanese owner and his daughter. He told us six real very frightening stories, and the return journey through the garden just made it worse, we saw ghosts at every turn, but what excitement!

Yesterday, we spent all day in the park and the castle, our ticket included many things to do: I walked through the fairies’ forest, played with the grapes, and went around the tower walkway, and then a lovely lunch, laid out on the grass in the sunshine! We went back to the castle, but it is not scary during the day, not with the light outside!

I want to go back to Gropparello! My mother told me not to be afraid of ghosts, she explained that they are like cats, they always stay in the same place! It is all very beautiful and the people we met working there were all very kind, and the other children like me enjoyed themselves a great deal! I made some new friends, and I hope that I can meet Anna from Padova and Rebecca from Pisa very soon!

Bye bye, A.


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