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5 typical dishes to eat in Trapani

There are at least 5 typical dishes to eat if you go to Trapani and whether you do it in a camper, motorbike or plane (as we did), these 5 are almost a must to taste.

With our mouth watering, we begin this journey into the typical cuisine of Trapani.

5 typical dishes to eat in Trapani

I begin by specifying immediately that I am talking about these because we ate them and appreciated them very much, but the Trapani cuisine offers much, much more and that in a few days we were unable to do more.

  • Busiate with Trapani-style pesto

Busiate with Trapani-style pesto
Busiate with Trapani-style pesto

It is a type of fresh pasta made with the “buso” or a wooden stick around which, in fact, the pasta is rolled up and becomes a kind of spiral, topped with Trapani pesto, it becomes an excellence to be savored.

What is special about pesto? It derives from Genoese pesto: Trapani in fact in the ancient past was one of the ports on the Mediterranean and for this reason the city was reached by numerous distant specialties, just like the Genoese who brought their pesto.

The people of Trapani reworked it with the products of their land, then tomato, almonds and garlic, thus obtaining a very tasty but exquisite sauce, giving the pasta an excellent combination and a delicate but spectacular dish.

  • Sicilian cassata

Sicilian cassata
Sicilian cassata

Yes we know, it is a calorie bomb… but at least once in your life it is necessary to taste it. There are numerous local variations, the Catania and Syracusan ones are famous, but the basic recipe made of sheep’s milk ricotta, sponge cake, candied fruit and royal or almond paste remains.

If besides being good it is very beautiful then there are no excuses … it is a true work of art!

  • Cunzato bread

It is the sandwich par excellence, or seasoned bread, and it is such a simple recipe that one is amazed at its goodness.

Its secret is given by ripe tomatoes, salt from the salt pans, oil, anchovies, oregano and primo sale cheese. Served as a sandwich or as a bruschetta it is excellent as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to a savory breakfast. (as we have experienced).

It is known that the simplest recipes are also the best.

  • Fish cous cous

It is a famous dish that comes from North Africa and especially the town of San Vito lo Capo celebrates it with a world-famous festival that every year attracts an ever-increasing number of tourists but even more greedy ones.

Seasoned with vegetables, meat, fish and in the Trapani area it is served separately with fish broth, to be moistened and tasted more or less soft.

The recipe for adding broth comes from ancient traditions and in every home it was customary to cook it on Sundays as a festive dish. Today it is found almost everywhere but the advice is to find typical trattorias even more decentralized than the city to enjoy a single dish.

  • Erice almond paste and martorana fruit

Typical dishes Trapani Frutta Martorana
Typical dishes Trapani Frutta Martorana

Also called real pasta, it is the basis of many desserts, not only Sicilian but of many recipes around the world.

The origins are very distant but what has remained unchanged in all this time is its taste and flavor: the master pastry chefs work the almond in an artisanal way with honey, to obtain a pure almond paste, which can also be flavored with lemon. or orange as well as being covered with powdered sugar.

One of the absolute masterpieces to see and try is the so-called martorana fruit or the “fake fruits”: a true masterpiece of Sicilian confectionery craftsmanship especially to be presented on the table.

Where to find these goodies? Erice for example, in the small village perched among the ancient alleys there are pastry shops that offer these specialties: one in particular has kidnapped our imagination and is that of Maria Grammatico, friendly and austere owner of the homonymous pastry famous everywhere for its windows adorned with every delicacy and sweet to look at.

This is the reference of the Erice pastry shop where we advise you to stop even just for a coffee and a fantastic dessert.

Our experience in Trapani and its typical dishes

We chose these 5 typical dishes to eat in Trapani because in our short trip, wanting to choose local dishes, they seemed to us the most famous but also obligatory to taste. I mean, we couldn’t go home without trying couscous or almond paste … It was a journey into the entrancing taste of those who still today, after two weeks, have such vivid and clear memories, on the palate we easily remembers where and how we ate them and the sensations.

They are very simple dishes, if you like, but they leave a memory. Maybe forgive my imprecision in telling some details but such was the curiosity and the greed to try these goodness that here .. the details seemed a little superfluous. Then you know well that they are traditional dishes or that they are brought from distant countries and cultures, handed down over time … every home and family still has its own recipe.

Our journey into Trapani cuisine ends here at the moment, but we’re not done … there is much more to discover and a new journey will soon begin …



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