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5 reasons to choose a camper holiday on the farm

If you travel by camper like us, we want to give you 5 reasons to choose a camper holiday on the farm.

These are our personal opinion, but we believe a valid support to that camper who decides to make a slower tourism, attentive to nature and food and wine.

What does it mean, for us, to choose a camper holiday on the farm

In recent years, many farms have organized themselves and have decided to open their doors to tourist accommodation, which in some cases has become a real luxury offer. Some have also opened up to open air tourism and therefore agricamping or agriglamping have been created.

But what can be the reasons for deciding to take a campervan holiday on the farm, instead of stopping in a simple rest area or a well-equipped campsite, perhaps a few meters from the village or better still from the lake / sea? Furthermore, we talked to you about how stopping in a camper on the farm is interesting but now we want to tell you how it can be a valid alternative to the classic type of stopover during the holidays.

Notwithstanding the fact that certain locations must be booked well in advance of time during the high season, here are our personal reasons that lead us to choose another form of stopover, which becomes a real holiday.

camper area in a farm

5 reasons to choose a camper holiday on the farm

  1. Security and tranquility and is the reason if we want more obvious. We are practically free: in fact there are often no pitches with connections and services or possibly only a spartan service, but we are in very few campers / caravans and in the absolute safety of a private property. They are frequently located outside the inhabited centers and the chaos, so total tranquility and relaxation are guaranteed.
  2. The possibility of rediscovering contacts with nature and the human being. On farms, the many open spaces leave time for beautiful walks, especially if there are rows of vines and fields. If there are poultry or outdoor farms and we travel with children, it becomes a real discovery and fun. Some farms are Educational Farms with lots of organizations and themed days dedicated to families.
  3. The rediscovery of real people and the relationship between man and places of origin. In the stop at the farm, if we dedicate some of the owner’s time to visiting the company and the surrounding area, we will better discover the vocation of the business. We will understand how much it is linked to the typology of the place where it is located and to the traditions. Knowing the producer, his family and his business, we will go to the discovery of places, valleys and villages. We will make a complete cultural visit of the area we are crossing.
  4. A holiday on the farm in a camper is a stop for taste. In fact, stopping at a farm or winery, we almost always combine a visit in productivity; visits to the cellar, dairy or production of ancient grains, are combined with tastings and tastings. The camper stop is not always on the farm, where you can dine with the products of the house. But even tasting can offer added value and give us an experience of taste.
  5. Slow and sustainable tourism, often they are off the classic tourist itineraries. Some with a biological or biodynamic vocation, give the traveler a completely different dimension of time, and the possibility of slower different travel rhythms. In addition, by buying in the often annexed outlets, you help fuel the local economy and support the various related production activities.


In our motorhome trips abroad we have often stopped in these realities, we have “hung out” in the farmers’ markets of the small countryside villages, to discover niche products with great production value.

In Italy we stop at the farm as soon as possible or offer events that bring the tourist to the cellar or dairy or other. In our opinion, it is a way to rediscover human relationships that are often sacrificed to everyday life and that help us understand the real difference between industrial and agricultural / artisanal products.

The awareness is that in the end we always come out fascinated and with more experience. The stop on the farm absolutely becomes an experiential holiday within the holiday.


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