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“1968. Un Anno” exhibition by CSAC of Parma

From 20 October to 4 August 2019, CSAC of Parma will host the “1968. Un Anno” exhibition, devoted to the history of a key year in the history of the 20th century, explained via the archives of CSAC: they hold over 12 million original documents and materials from the area of visual communication and Italian artistic and design research from the early decades of the century onwards.

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1968. Un anno”: history of a revolution

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This event seeks to highlight the transformations in communications, in the perception of the body and the anthropological and social changes of that year; this is done via the works of arts and design, and projects, that date from 1968. The exhibition, which is inside the evocative space of the Abbey at Valserena is built around a long timeline, made up of objects, images and news stories, accompanied by in-depth descriptions of the transformation of the image in that period. Great Italian artists like Emilio Vedova, Bruno Munari, Armando Testa and Carla Cerati and many others are featured. The Column Room of the Abbey will also be a central part of the exhibition: here you can see materials taken from the CSAC archives.

The event is organised by a research group headed by Francesca Zanella and made up of Paolo Barbaro, Mariapia Branchi, Claudia Cavatorta, Giulia Daolio, Lucia Miodini, Paola Pagliari, Simona Riva (CSAC), Cristina Casero, Elena Fava, Roberta Pierangela Gandolfi, Sara Martin (University of Parma), Chiara Torcianti head of the Reggio Africa archive at Istoreco – Istituto per la Storia della Resistenza e della Società contemporanea in the province of Reggio Emilia), Giacomo Giuntini (Fondazione Teatro Due). The event will start on Saturday 20 October: entrance is free from 11am to 1pm, and tickets from 2-7pm cost 5 euro. For more information, please visit the the CSAC website.


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