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12 beaches of Puglia by camper: wandering between the sea and unique views

If the sea is your ideal holiday and you are thinking about which beach to soak in this summer, Puglia with its hundreds of beaches to visit by camper it could be the right destination.

With over 400 km of coastline divided between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, it is for many the ideal destination for a seaside holiday, and it is also one of the many business cards that make this region loved by thousands of tourists all year round.

You will therefore understand that with this premise, finding the most beautiful beaches in Puglia is certainly not difficult. You will be able to stop on beaches of very fine white sand, so much so that they are compared to the Maldives, or find ravines of white limestone rock, where you can dive into a sea that is always crystal clear and wonderful. You will be able to practice snorkeling, diving, water sports, or more simply find some relaxation under the umbrella and in contact with nature.

The 12 most beautiful beaches in Puglia for us

So are you ready to leave with us on this virtual tour?  You know we will go wandering around the beaches of Puglia by camper; or rather going down from the north to the south to Santa Maria di Leuca and going back west to the Gulf of Taranto we will show you the ones we liked the most.

Obviously the first stop where we suggest you stop is the Gargano, the spur of the heel of Italy. From Lesina, passing through Peschici, up to Vieste, between hairpin bends and beaches, overhangs and forests, you find yourself along one of the most beautiful coastlines in Italy and the beach we recommend is:

  • Mannacora Bay, also famous for its cave. It is located close to the Gargano National Park, on the same coast as Cala Lunga Bay, which is about 2 kilometers away. You know, both beaches, nestled between two rocky headlands with lots of greenery, are among the most popular in the area.

The camper stop: The most convenient stop is at Camping Park Valle Olivo 100 meters from the sea and convenient to services such as shops, bars, restaurants. 

Vieste – Pizzomunno

  • Vieste certainly deserves a few days of vacation. Its sandy coastline and crystal clear waters are ideal for swimming and relaxation. We’ll let you know Bat Cave Beach, a corner of paradise that opens from the rocky belly of a large cave. The beach owes its name to the cave of the same name which was the place chosen by small birds for nesting. From the green waters that slope into the most intense colors of blue, the sea becomes even more enchanting when the sunlight passes through the stone opening and dives into the sea, giving wonderful colors.

The camper stop

In Vieste you will find a good offer among campsites and rest areas. We point out to you:

We leave the Gargano and go down the coast of the province of Bari and obviously we stop at:

  • Polignano a mare, the romantic and charming town of Domenico Modugno, overlooking the sea, for years a favorite location for actors and photographers. Here we point you out Monastic Blade, perhaps one of the most famous beaches in Puglia due to its location; in fact it is located on the bed of a very ancient stream that has now dried up, which flowed directly into the sea 600 meters from the town center. But if in the upper part historic buildings rise on the edge of the rock overlooking the sea, below them, hollowed into the cliff, there are natural caves, some of which are preserved and can be visited by boat. And you certainly can’t miss the spectacular reverberations created by the sunlight combined with the different depths of the rocky seabed and the pure water. 
  • The camper stop it is allowed in the Marco Polo paid car park, not far from the historic center and without shade or services. Other parking is on a dirt road at Port’Alga south of Polignano.

Polignano a Mare

The bow of our camper points south and Ostuni is the next stop: the white city, as it was baptized, is very recognizable from afar as it is located on the hills 10 km from the sea.

We have already talked to you extensively about Ostuni in our article

Ostuni what to visit in one day

The Adriatic coast around Ostuni offers dozens of small beaches, some also served by nearby camper parking areas.

Torre Guaceto beaches


  • And among the most beautiful beaches for us we offer you the beach of Guaceto Tower, also home to Torre Guaceto Protected Marine Nature Reserve. And’ a natural environment rich in vegetation, which is reflected in the clear waters of this corner of the Adriatic and which offers beaches of very fine white sand. Here it is possible to stop in the dirt car park 1 km from the beach only during the day. 

Camper stop: in the area around Torre Guaceto you can try the Camping Pineta Mare in the Specchiolla area, a green oasis 30 meters from the beach. 

The most beautiful beaches in Puglia by camper: Salento

Perhaps the best known and loved area of ​​this region is in the province of Lecce: Salento. In a trip in search of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia by camper  here you will travel kilometers of coastline, villages and corners of the sea where we are certain that you too will leave your heart.

Whether it is a rocky beach of limestone cliffs or fine white sand, Salento excites, captivates and finally conquers any traveller.  And honestly, telling you which of all the beaches are the most beautiful becomes difficult.

So we’ll list the ones we liked the most.

  • Bear Tower among the largest and most fascinating bays of Salento. Located north of the Alimini lakes and near the Faraglioni of Sant’Andrea. You will find a dream sea there, warm, calm and transparent, known as i Caribbean of Salento.  
  • The Bay of the Turks north of Otranto. Inserted inProtected oasis of the Alimini Lakes, proudly shows off blue flag a sign of its quality and 5 Legambiente Sails. The Caribbean air that you breathe here is made up of pieces of a mosaic of the colors of the crystalline sea, the white sand and the green of the lush vegetation. Here the waters are calm even when it is windy and this is why they are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

The camper stop: if like us you love agricamping, right near the beaches of Torre dell’Orso you will find theAgriturismo Le Fontanelle

Torre Sant’Andrea

Otranto with its splendid and ancient historic center over which the Aragonese Castle stands, certainly deserves even more than one day of holiday. And if you want to stop here, we recommend the Oasi Park, a camper parking area, open all year round, not too far from the center and its social life.

  • Porto Badisco here a corner of clear sea, wonderful for immersing yourself in, in a landscape between wild rocks, mythological caves and crystal clear waters. In addition to breathing in the scents of nature, you will be able to savor the mythology as it is said that Aeneas landed on this beach on a small boat.

The camper stop: we’ll let you know Tenuta L’Alba di Monte Matino in around sixty hectares of land on the sea of ​​Porto Badisco, this reality offers various services including camper parking in a campsite 1 km away. from the beach reachable on foot.

  • Santa Caesarea Terme with its beautiful Moorish profile it is a rocky paradise, ideal for cliff and diving lovers. The historic bathing establishments dominate the coast and the splendid natural swimming pool of Porto Miggiano; in this stretch of coast you will find rocky coves, and caves among which the famous Zinzulusa Cave in Castro Marina stands out.

The beaches of the Ionian

We therefore arrive at our halfway point of this journey to discover the beaches of Puglia to visit by camper. 

  • Santa Maria di Leuca it is the most extreme point of the Heel of Italy where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas embrace each other. The entire stretch of coast from Ciolo in the Adriatic to Marina di Felloniche in the Ionian Sea is a succession of limestone cliffs, where you can discover fantastic caves on boat tours.

Let’s continue our journey: now the Maldives of Salento, with the beaches of very fine white sand and a sea with such clear and shallow waters, ideal for the famous and very Italian “Maldivian” baths!

Not to be missed in this part of Puglia is the beauty of the sunsets with the sun diving down, setting the sea on fire; eh you have already certainly understood that we are in the west.


Maldivian beaches of Salento

In the area going from Vado Tower until Punta del Macalone, until you get to Marina di Ugento, each beach really deserves a stop, which is possible in the various campsites in the area, which are very popular in season.

  • One above all Marina di Pescoluse a destination suitable for both families and young people, with many possibilities for sporting activities and bathing establishments.

The camper stop: as mentioned there are various parking options.

  • we stayed at the Riva di Ugento Resort campsite which we would like to point out above all because it is directly on the fine sandy beach of Fontanelle.
  • or we suggest a break for those who love agricamping about 4 km from Torre Mozza, but ideal for relaxing in peace after a day at the seaside. L’Agricamping Terre di Moro It has all the makings of an excellent welcome.

Let’s go back towards Gallipoli, a lively tourist destination with a splendid ancient village overlooking the sea from the walls and its coastline full of proposals for young people.

But first we stop at the beach:

  • Punta della Suina. Located south of Gallipoli, it is in the Regional Natural Park of the Island of Sant’Andrea and the Punta Pizzo Coast. Its beautiful crystal clear water and white sand have earned it the name of “Ionian Caribbean“; thanks also to the clear and sinuous sea that invites you to swim or discover it armed with a snorkel, mask and fins. Here the shade of an extensive pine forest allows you to enjoy a few hours of relaxation.  

If we have to give a negative note it is that unfortunately in high season this beach often becomes unreachable due to the high crowding of swimmers

  • The camper stop: At Punta della Suina you can park in the large dirt car park at a cost which last year was €5.00 per day in low season. But in Gallipoli, where there are several campsites, we stopped atAgricamping Torre Sabea. An excellent point to set out to discover this stretch of coast, also because it is open all year round.
  • Just after, in the Padula Bianca area you will find some car parks where you can also park overnight with services and electricity connections.

Porto Cesareo at Sunset

And continuing beyond Gallipoli

We are now at the end of our tour of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia to visit by camper.  Beyond Gallipoli, two equally fantastic places await us:

  • Porto Selvaggio. It is in the Regional Natural Park of the same name which includes 268 hectares of pine forest and 432 hectares of coast. In the center is a picturesque beach made up of pebbles and gravel which is very popular. The bay is enchanting and offers unmissable views. You can relax, tan and snorkel. The water is particularly shallow and suitable for children. The interior, however, offers hiking trails between views of the sea and very green pine forests.
  • Punta Prosciutto. The border between the provinces of Lecce and Taranto, with the beaches nestled between Torre Colimena to the north and Torre Lapillo to the south, it offers a dream coastline. The crystal clear water and white sand are perfect for enjoying the sea and for children to play. Think that il  “Telegraph” enchanted by this coast, defined Punta Prosciutto as “one of the most beautiful beaches in the world”. You are a few kilometers from the village of Porto Cesareo with its white equipped beaches and the lively and always crowded fish restaurants throughout the year. 
    • The camper stop  In Punta Prosciutto you will find the “Saraceno” camper stop area or in Specchiarica, just beyond Torre Colimena you will find Agricamping “I Monaci”. We instead stopped for a few nights in Porto Cesareo Agricamping le Radici

Our conclusions for Puglia by camper

One piece of advice we would like to give to anyone who wants to visit Puglia in the summer is to book accommodation facilities in advance. It is actually a very popular destination and in season it is not always easy to find a place or parking spaces to park our campers or caravans.

We also recommend that those who can, bring the scooter to move around more easily to discover the beaches or to visit the individual villages that are always fascinating, and where to find small restaurants to taste the delicacies of Apulian cuisine. 

A valid alternative for getting around, especially in Salento, is the Salento bus line which is active from 26 June to 5 September. You can find the information Who.

Our trip among the most beautiful beaches for us in Puglia to visit by camper has arrived at the end, but you will agree with us in saying that making a small detour towards other beaches and other seas in Puglia really doesn’t take much for us plein air travellers.

So we invite you to continue your journey further, to explore the coasts of this beautiful region. We are sure that you will find wonderful corners where you can park your vehicle and enjoy the beauty of this land.

All we can do is wish you good kilometers.

Angela and Monica




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