Sostare in camper in vigna

10 camper places in a winery to discover Italy

The panorama flows quickly to the rows of vines, and the first unripe green of spring changes to the intense emerald of summer to turn rust and red when autumn ripens: this is the ideal camper place in a winery to discover Italy.

Among the many proposals to stay one or two nights with your camper or caravan, the offer of a stop in the cellar and the possibility of tasting excellent wines while practicing the truest wine tourism, is what many like best.

The journey becomes slow: we take the time for a stroll in the vineyard, a visit to the cellar, a chat with the owner, a tasting, and the stop in the camper turns into a true taste experience.


Staying in a camper place in a winery

We have already talked to you about this type of stop several times in the blog and on our social channels, and in our article

 Stay in a camper on the farm with us

you can find in-depth information on the topic and the possibility of finding out what to do with the In Camper con Gusto.

So let’s not dwell too much and leave for the 10 camper place in wineries that we recommend where you can stop for a night. We show them to you by dividing them for convenience into north, central and south.


Camper stop in a winery
La Morra Langhe

In Piedmontese land halfway between the localities of La Morra and Barolo, a couple of kilometers from the Brunate Chapel, the

La Rosa nel Borgo campsite welcomes you among vines and orchards where you can relax and enter the cellar in the fantastic world of wines Piedmontese.

You can then set off to discover the UNESCO World Heritage hills by scooter, mountain bike or along trekking routes. 

Azienda Vitivinicola Santa Clelia In the province of Turin, in the Canavese area, we propose a stop in an organic winery 25 km from Ivrea. Here respect for the environment and the rediscovery of native vines are the perfect place in our opinion to stop in a camper.

We aim for the territory of Franciacorta. At 10 km from Lake Iseo, an estate in addition to accommodation in an old 19th century farmhouse and the kitchen on weekends, offers the possibility for a camper and caravan place on the property. This is the Sergio Ambrosini estate, Azienda Agricola Tenuta Ambrosini srl.

Friuli is known to be a land of wines and in Faedis in the province of Udine Colle Villano is the winery that produces the typical Friulian wines, obtaining various awards over the years. The camper place is simple but suggests the possibility of tasting the excellent local cuisine and their wines.

And in Emilia land?

If you have our card you can park in the camper in different cellars; in the blog and you can find them all, but here we point out one in Piacenza.

It is located just 3 km from Vigoleno one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and from the terrace of the cellar the view towards the plain and the Alps is truly fantastic. Your camper place is at the Visconti Nicola winery where you will discover that passion and constancy are a whole family in harmony with this environment.

camper stop in Emilia Romagna
Visconti Winery landscape


The landscapes change and obviously so do the terroirs, as the French say. And in Umbria so fascinating with its suggestive views where olive trees and grapevines dominate, we propose you a stop in Magione in the province of Perugia at the Cantina Berioli. It is a historical reality that has been producing organic oil and wines since the beginning of the last century. Their red Spiridione and Cristina’s bubbles are fantastic.

Let’s move towards the Adriatic coast in the province of Pescara in the municipality of Collecorvino.

The Cantina Contesa farm of Rocco Pasetti, will introduce you to his Montepulciano and not only in a landscape that invites you to stop and taste.


Camper place in winery in South

Our journey through the cellars where to stop in the camper continues towards southern Italy.

Puglia with its perfumes and the sea at times Maldivian welcomes us and takes us to the Lecce area exactly Borgagne.

At Masseria Malapezza, 2 km from the beaches of Sant’Andrea and 4 km from Torre dell’Orso, you will find an area dedicated to camping where you can stop in camper and buy the Malvasia Nera or Negramaro typical of Puglia in addition to the garden products.

camper stop in a winery
Camper place in a winery

A few kilometers from Castro and the famous Grotta della Zinzulusa, the Agriturismo Vigna Vecchia in a quiet area offers 25 camper or caravan places. Here you can taste the Apulian cuisine at the restaurant and make your purchases.

We land in Sicily, land of fantastic wines of character, and among the wineries of the Le Donne del vino association we recommend Tenuta Bastonaca in Vittoria in the Ragusa area. Here on Fridays from June to August by booking the day before you can take a company tour and tastings; in addition to the stop.

Let’s make a technical note: these cellars are not always equipped with drain cockpit and connections, they are not real rest areas; but they will still show you the nearest point to which you can refer.

All this traveling between rows and bouquets, goblets and sips has taken a bit of exhaustion.

So we prefer stop in a camper place in a winery,  and enjoy the beauty of this Italian landscape relaxing and thinking about the next journey of taste.

All we have to do is make a toast with you and suggest you report us other wineries you know around Italy where you can stop in your camper.



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