31 August 2016
In Camper con Gusto
31 August 2016
How did the idea of "In Camper con Gusto"?
The desire, from twenty years camper traveller, to travel, to see, to identify new country, new folks and to taste the local products with our camper.
By curiosity to know those "corners of paradise" to escape from “mass tourism” but who can give the true "flavour" of the places during our travel.
That's because  was born "In Camper con Gusto".
Our project
The project of our association is to inspire the travelling tourist with ideas and plan to live, by yourself, the territory, or "accompany" to visit these areas in tranquilly and easiness .
We want to create opportunities and meetings to discover our territories and to meet special people that with their job and their passion became the pride of this land.
What do we do
Our association wants to help you to discover our beloved territories offering not only breathtaking views but history, gastronomy and little corners of paradise.
We search, in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza, the excellence: a small farm that produces medicinal plants and berries, a winery that offers the best of his passion into a glass of wine or a dairy that turns the milk into “the king of cheeses”; as well as those small productions, unknown to most, but that are important reality of these territories.
We want to offer a real "Travel with Taste" offering safe stops, visits and moments of pleasure where you can discover or deepen the knowledge of an area that we love ...
Thanks to "In Camper con Gusto" you will be able to know the public guaranteed stops in the provinces of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia; and you can also try the small private stops available from local producers to allow campers within their borders.
A detailed archive of "local producers" is available on the website www.incampercongusto.it, in this way it will be easy to organize a holiday, or just a weekend, in wine and food kingdom.
How to join
To be part of "In Camper con Gusto" just purchase the membership card and be able to immediately benefit from all the services and conventions that we have agreed with the producers and local authorities.
Via Ugo Betti n. 16 - 43122 Parma - Italy
phone Angela 333 2902442
phone Monica 349 1087359